1.About VIP
There is no fee for the VIP. VIP membership is limited to individuals only and limited to one account per individual. It is your identification that represent you are at legal ages to join our program and responsibility for your membership to keep your email and contact details up to date in your Account. MISS MOKA reserves the right to disqualify Members who have violated any of the Terms and Conditions. Any fraudulent activity or attempt to manipulate or abuse the Program will result in the Account being removed from the Program without notice. When a Membership is terminated, all outstanding coupons and outstanding rewards associated with the Membership are forfeited.
VIP consists of three status: Level Gold, Level Platinum, Level Diamond (available to purchased members) and Level General status(available to registered members).
Order total paid ≥ MYR2000
Order total paid ≥ MYR10000
Order total paid ≥ MYR30000
Birthday Gift Exclusive gift Exclusive gift Exclusive gift
Order discount X 2% off 5% off 10% off
Points discount
Monthly surprise X
Unscheduled member exclusive offer X
VIP Data refreshes typically take up to 24 hours. Please check your tier level after 24 hours.
3.About Rewards
Membership in the Program may entitle you to various offers ("Offers") in addition to Rewards. The details of these Offers are set out from time to time on the Program Website.
4.About surprises per month
We will send your member's exclusive gift to your email every month, so don't forget to fill out the correct email and confirm that you can receive instant messages such as monthly surprises.